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HPM Hemscheidt Service GmbH
Siemens Solution Partner Motion Control

HPM Hemscheidt Service GmbH founded on November,1,2000 is a service provider in machine building, featuring business activities in the field of: Service, spare parts supply, modernisation and sale of injection moulding machines. As service representation for the Italian injection moulding machine builder BMB , we can offer the complete assortment of high-grade BMB injection moulding machines in combination with the complete service offer of our company.
Since January 2018 HPM Hemscheidt Service GmbH has taken over the German service for the Italian rubber machinery manufacturer IMG Brescia. Simultaneously with the service we can offer the complete range of machines of the company Industrie Meccaniche Generali, called IMG for short.

HPM Hemscheidt Service GmbH has been a partner of Siemens Solution Partner Automation Drives for many years. One focal point of our work is the development of specific control solutions for our customers. In this connection, we give advise to our customers in the field of the application of Siemens S7 controls in the plastic technique and offer complete retrofitting of your machines onto the Siemens S7 control on the basis of retrofitting successfully done. This S7 control variant is offering the whole potential of modern control technique and guarantees a long-term spare parts supply. As regards the modernisation and reduction of energy costs of injection moulding machines, we have been carrying out the retrofitting of machines having controlled or uncontrolled standard pump drives for many years. Altering these standard drives into energy-optimised power steering pump drives brings along an energy consumption balance similar to that of full-electric machines.

HPM Hemscheidt Service GmbH originating from the injection moulding machine builder HPM Hemscheidt GmbH, offers as main target the long-term guarantee for service and spare parts supply for injection moulding machines of the types HPM Hemscheidt, Hemscheidt Maschinentechnik, Rico, KuASY and of the Italian injection moulding machine builder BMB. As competent service partner for your problems in the field of injection moulding machinery, HPM Hemscheidt Service GmbH is at any time able to carry out the following performances in expert and competent manner:

1. Commissioning and guarantee service for the machines delivered by HPM Hemscheidt Service GmbH and for those they have overtaken the representation for
2. Repairs and hotline service for all injection moulding machines, but especially for the types BMB, HPM Hemscheidt, Hemscheidt Maschinentechnik, Rico and KuASY
3. Spare parts for injection moulding machines
4. Preventive maintenance and servicing for injection moulding machines
5. Optimisation of machine settings
6. Retrofitting of optional units as core pullers, mould nozzles etc.
7. Reworking and resetting of second-hand machines – S7 Control, power steering pumps

We offer our services as competent partner for solving your problems in the field of injection moulding machinery.